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* Update helpcontent2 from branch 'master' to 2ea58f0c0e5270f6cce5f5cb80f054d1f3c37f50 - Made Clear Direct Formatting help match reality The Clear Direct Formatting help text incorrectly states that this function will remove character styles on Writer, which is not true. This is causing confusion as reflected in the following bugs: Bug 132702 - CLEAR DIRECT FORMATTING: Wrong information in LO Help - Bug 132469 - Clear Direct Formatting char does not work - as well as in the following question from Ask: Why does direct clear formatting not clear character style - This was an old behavior pre-2011 before I converted "Default Formatting" into "Clear Default Formatting". The help text was also updated by me back then, but I am observing that it was done incompletely, as it seems like I changed the topic title but did not update the text about the actual behavior: Additionally, while analyzing this issue, I found that people get confused as to how to remove remaining formatting that is still applied as a character style. Sometimes they don't know that a character style is still applied. Thus, I am adding a note about it. The Design Team or other developers may later decide that it's better to proceed in a different way, but, for now, it's important to state the truth about how this function works. Change-Id: I2a522c68630d64c21eabe9af61ace8a66d633ae2 Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins Reviewed-by: Olivier Hallot <>
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