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fdo#69873 FixedText (label) is implemented as no value
And the actual label is put as *body* of the cell. I'd prefer that the value be put as string-value attribute of the cell, but since in the report definition the label is as body (as opposed to as an attribute), it is easier that way. We could move (actually *copy* for backwards compatibility reasons) the label to an attribute of the rpt:fixed-content element (similar to the rpt:formula attribute of rpt:formatted-text) but it is not obvious this is completely desirable: Indeed it would keep us from putting anything more complex than a string there (which we don't do anyway now, but thinking of future extensibility here); I'll leave the exploration of that idea to the indefinite future. Change-Id: Ia0f7460718ee35a971117e2f79c0997e17e1095e
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diff --git a/reportbuilder/java/org/libreoffice/report/pentaho/layoutprocessor/ b/reportbuilder/java/org/libreoffice/report/pentaho/layoutprocessor/
index 6883482a8c12..a9e0ef058b38 100644
--- a/reportbuilder/java/org/libreoffice/report/pentaho/layoutprocessor/
+++ b/reportbuilder/java/org/libreoffice/report/pentaho/layoutprocessor/
@@ -74,11 +74,12 @@ public class TableCellLayoutController extends SectionLayoutController
FormatValueUtility.applyValueForCell(value.getValue(), attributeMap, valueType);
// #i114108#: except on form elements, the only value-type that can
- // occur without an accompanying value attribute is "string"
+ // occur without an accompanying value attribute is "string";
+ // the content is then in the body.
else if (!"string".equals(valueType))
- FormatValueUtility.VALUE_TYPE, "void");
+ FormatValueUtility.VALUE_TYPE, "string");
catch (Exception e)