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There are several patches, most of which contain only hacks to get it to
build with OOo build system.
-There are also 3 patches that fix bugs in redland and are of general interest:
+There used to be also 3 patches here that fix bugs in redland and ought to be
+of general interest:
- redland-1.0.8.patch.free_null:
redland destructor functions don't check if argument is NULL
- redland-1.0.8.patch.storage_hashes_context_serialize_get_statement:
@@ -31,4 +32,7 @@ There are also 3 patches that fix bugs in redland and are of general interest:
- redland-1.0.8.patch.storage_hashes_list_duplicates:
hashes, list storage: if contexts are enabled, then it is possible to add
duplicate statements
+Attempts to upstream these patches failed for reasons upstream kept to
+themselves. Now these patches are replaced with workarounds in unoxml.
+Note to future maintainers: work around redland bugs in client code.