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authorTor Lillqvist <>2014-09-09 10:44:56 +0300
committerTor Lillqvist <>2014-09-09 13:55:23 +0300
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Make the "Mac-like" or "canonical" app bundle structure always used on OS X
In other words, only executable files go in the MacOS folder. Dynamic libraries and bundled frameworks (i.e., LibreOfficePython), and nothing else, go in the Frameworks folder, and all other files go in the Resources folder. Especially, note that Java class files and rc (.ini) files also go in Resources. Such an app bundle structure is what Apple strongly suggests one should use, and it has been hinted that future versions of code signing and/or Gatekeeper will require such a structure. There is still some ugliness thanks to traces of the historical separation of URE from "the office". Like there are two separate "unorc" files, one for URE, one for the LibreOffice application. IMHO, this should be cleaned up, but is probably controversial. (Eek! I now see there are actually *three* unorc files in the app bundle. Not intentional. Need to fix that later.) Change-Id: Idcf235038deb5b8e1d061734993e9f31869b7606
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diff --git a/pyuno/source/module/pyuno_module.cxx b/pyuno/source/module/pyuno_module.cxx
index 23800ee0c3be..00e60d9586c1 100644
--- a/pyuno/source/module/pyuno_module.cxx
+++ b/pyuno/source/module/pyuno_module.cxx
@@ -264,7 +264,7 @@ static PyObject* getComponentContext(
OUStringBuffer iniFileName;
iniFileName.append( path );
+#ifdef MACOSX
iniFileName.appendAscii( "/../" LIBO_ETC_FOLDER );
iniFileName.appendAscii( "/" );
diff --git a/pyuno/source/module/pyuno_runtime.cxx b/pyuno/source/module/pyuno_runtime.cxx
index 9023d3958af3..bda00dedae6a 100644
--- a/pyuno/source/module/pyuno_runtime.cxx
+++ b/pyuno/source/module/pyuno_runtime.cxx
@@ -187,7 +187,7 @@ static void readLoggingConfig( sal_Int32 *pLevel, FILE **ppFile )
reinterpret_cast< oslGenericFunction >(readLoggingConfig),
(rtl_uString **) &fileName );
fileName = fileName.copy( fileName.lastIndexOf( '/' )+1 );
+#ifdef MACOSX
fileName += "../" LIBO_ETC_FOLDER "/";
fileName += SAL_CONFIGFILE("pyuno" );