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Resolves: #i120083# make python loglevel and log output changeable...
through environment vars Set the log level with the environment variable "PYSCRIPT_LOG_LEVEL" "DEBUG" (for debugging) "ERROR" (show errors only) "NONE" (or anything else) (for production) is the default and the log output type with the enviroment variable "PYSCRIPT_LOG_STDOUT" "0" (log output to user/Scripts/python/log.txt) "1" (or anything else) (log output to stdout) Patch by: Tsutomu Uchino <> Review by: Herbert Durr <> Note: Commit message edited by ASF infra team to work around a known issue with the ASF svn install (not an issue with svn) and UTF-8 handling. This is a temporary issue that we hope to resolve soon. (cherry picked from commit 9dc7f72febe9d294304f70cc7b9cdeab1c67dc8b) Change-Id: I099c8b3f812559c380078f63b692c83fdc811e33
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