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authorMichael Stahl <>2019-12-09 14:08:19 +0100
committerMichael Stahl <>2020-01-08 10:22:17 +0100
commitb10be5d48433076f0b7238d818020f708553e114 (patch)
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parent468a740f0fe09f8939368eca3067b4101c84c057 (diff)
python3: upgrade to release 3.7.6
* external/python3/python-3.3.3-aix.patch.1: most of it doesn't apply and AIX port isn't maintained anyway so remove it for now * external/python3/ubsan.patch.0: apparently one of the files was removed * 0001-3.6-bpo-17239-Disable-external-entities-in-SAX-parse.patch.1: fixed upstream * python3-osx-avoid-new-10.13.patch.1: replace with simply passing ac_cv_func_utimensat=no to configure * external/python3/python-3.5.4-ssl.patch.1: project files to build OpenSSL removed upstream * There have been changes to how python locates OpenSSL; new variables OPENSSL_INCLUDES etc; it turns out that you have to pass one directory to --with-openssl, as the variables cannot be passed * is a new dependency of the _uuid module * is a new dependency of the _ctypes module (the bundled copy of libffi for non-Darwin platforms was removed) * python-3.3.0-pythreadstate.patch.1: the PyThreadState functions have been changed such that CppunitTest_services asserts when there is a PyThreadAttach on top of PyThreadDetach on top of PyThreadAttach, i.e., 2 PyThreadState per thread (PyGILState_Check() fails). Instead of patching in additional workarounds, change PyThreadAttach so that it re-uses an existing PyThreadState if one exists for the thread. Change-Id: I24c19d79b43a30709261fd9db66312b2e3872fd9 Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins Reviewed-by: Michael Stahl <>
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1 files changed, 5 insertions, 4 deletions
diff --git a/pyuno/source/module/pyuno.cxx b/pyuno/source/module/pyuno.cxx
index d554f5ca769c..a6a875addc46 100644
--- a/pyuno/source/module/pyuno.cxx
+++ b/pyuno/source/module/pyuno.cxx
@@ -336,13 +336,14 @@ static int lcl_PySlice_GetIndicesEx( PyObject *pObject, sal_Int32 nLen, sal_Int3
Py_ssize_t nStart_ssize, nStop_ssize, nStep_ssize, nSliceLength_ssize;
- int nResult = PySlice_GetIndicesEx(
+ int nResult =
#if PY_VERSION_HEX >= 0x030200f0
- pObject,
+ PySlice_GetIndicesEx(pObject,
+ nLen, &nStart_ssize, &nStop_ssize, &nStep_ssize, &nSliceLength_ssize );
- reinterpret_cast<PySliceObject*>(pObject),
+ PySlice_GetIndicesEx(reinterpret_cast<PySliceObject*>(pObject),
nLen, &nStart_ssize, &nStop_ssize, &nStep_ssize, &nSliceLength_ssize );
if (nResult == -1)
return -1;