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weld SvxCharacterMap dialog
and SmSymDefineDialog There's a whole bunch of interrelated stuff which needs to work at the same time. add menu support, keyboard support, better mouse support, a gtk scrollable adaptor to support pseudo scrolling drawing bodge, plugable uitest support for custom widgets, plugable a11y support for custom widgets via the existing atk_object_wrapper_new wrapper for XAccessible In this specific case, change SvxCharacterMap from something that has an internal scrollbar to a scrolledwindow where the scrollbar is external, which drops the need for the a11y impl of SvxCharacterMap to emulate being a scrolled window and internal table and just needs the table a11y impl Change-Id: Ia2743d6958021c525a1900154dcbb69ae33fc400 Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins <> Reviewed-by: Caolán McNamara <> Tested-by: Caolán McNamara <>
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diff --git a/package/source/xstor/xstorage.cxx b/package/source/xstor/xstorage.cxx
index 3fabad0e51e7..67c2afa61fd2 100644
--- a/package/source/xstor/xstorage.cxx
+++ b/package/source/xstor/xstorage.cxx
@@ -1831,6 +1831,13 @@ void OStorage::InternalDispose( bool bNotifyImpl )
// since the listeners could dispose the object while being notified
lang::EventObject aSource( static_cast< ::cppu::OWeakObject* >(this) );
m_pData->m_aListenersContainer.disposeAndClear( aSource );
+ if ( !m_pImpl )
+ {
+ SAL_INFO("package.xstor", THROW_WHERE "Disposed!");
+ throw lang::DisposedException( THROW_WHERE );
+ }
m_pImpl->m_nModifiedListenerCount = 0;
if ( m_pData->m_bReadOnlyWrap )