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ShapeTypeModel::maFlip: correct bogus doxygen comment
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diff --git a/oox/inc/oox/vml/vmlshape.hxx b/oox/inc/oox/vml/vmlshape.hxx
index c4ab2cd6f814..c6c6cb6c1f97 100644
--- a/oox/inc/oox/vml/vmlshape.hxx
+++ b/oox/inc/oox/vml/vmlshape.hxx
@@ -81,7 +81,7 @@ struct ShapeTypeModel
::rtl::OUString maMarginTop; ///< Y position of the shape bounding box to shape anchor (number with unit).
::rtl::OUString maPositionVerticalRelative; ///< The Y position is relative to this.
::rtl::OUString maRotation; ///< Rotation of the shape, in degrees.
- ::rtl::OUString maFlip; ///< Rotation of the shape, in degrees.
+ ::rtl::OUString maFlip; ///< Flip type of the shape (can be "x" or "y").
sal_Bool mbAutoHeight; ///< If true, the height value is a minimum value (mostly used for textboxes)
StrokeModel maStrokeModel; ///< Border line formatting.