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n#751054 fix VML import of absolutely positioned pictures
There were multiple issues here: - convertEmuToHmm() not handling negative values - position:absolute style property being ignored - mso-position-vertical-relative is not converted to text::RelOrientation - SwAnchoredDrawObject::_SetPositioningAttr() re-positioning already positioned objects - DomainMapper_Impl::PushShapeContext() inserting positioned objects as character
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diff --git a/oox/inc/oox/vml/vmlshape.hxx b/oox/inc/oox/vml/vmlshape.hxx
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--- a/oox/inc/oox/vml/vmlshape.hxx
+++ b/oox/inc/oox/vml/vmlshape.hxx
@@ -79,6 +79,7 @@ struct ShapeTypeModel
::rtl::OUString maHeight; /// Height of the shape bounding box (number with unit).
::rtl::OUString maMarginLeft; /// X position of the shape bounding box to shape anchor (number with unit).
::rtl::OUString maMarginTop; /// Y position of the shape bounding box to shape anchor (number with unit).
+ ::rtl::OUString maPositionVerticalRelative; /// The Y position is relative to this.
StrokeModel maStrokeModel; /// Border line formatting.
FillModel maFillModel; /// Shape fill formatting.