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support Sheets.PrintPreview bnc#757844
there is still a little wrinkle, the preview shell always shows what sheets are selected, it's currently not possible to specify the sheets to preview
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diff --git a/oovbaapi/ooo/vba/excel/XWorksheets.idl b/oovbaapi/ooo/vba/excel/XWorksheets.idl
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--- a/oovbaapi/ooo/vba/excel/XWorksheets.idl
+++ b/oovbaapi/ooo/vba/excel/XWorksheets.idl
@@ -45,6 +45,7 @@ interface XWorksheets
void PrintOut( [in] any From, [in] any To, [in] any Copies, [in] any Preview, [in] any ActivePrinter, [in] any PrintToFile, [in] any Collate, [in] any PrToFileName );
void Select( [in] any Replace );
void Copy( [in] any Before, [in] any After);
+ void PrintPreview( [in] any EnableChanges );
}; }; };