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tdf#116498 Use win metrics for 'DIN Light' font
This adds a special treatment for fonts which rely on the win metrics for correct line spacing calculation. At the moment, only 'DIN Light' is known to need that treatment. Change-Id: Idd9fd6f63083ab7a706e0cbcd33a947d4949d4e9 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Samuel Mehrbrodt <> Tested-by: Samuel Mehrbrodt <> (cherry picked from commit 2f529db909f99a2a503ca0347a9d70742b7f05ba) Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins <>
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diff --git a/officecfg/registry/schema/org/openoffice/Office/Common.xcs b/officecfg/registry/schema/org/openoffice/Office/Common.xcs
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--- a/officecfg/registry/schema/org/openoffice/Office/Common.xcs
+++ b/officecfg/registry/schema/org/openoffice/Office/Common.xcs
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<value>EmojiOne Color</value>
+ <prop oor:name="FontsUseWinMetrics" oor:type="oor:string-list" oor:nillable="false">
+ <info>
+ <desc>
+ Fonts where the win metrics need to be considered in order to display the font correctly
+ Fonts are identified by their name and the font metrics (see fontmetric.cxx:ShouldUseWinMetrics).
+ </desc>
+ </info>
+ <value>
+ <!-- DIN Light (ttf version) has odd metrics. The otf version works fine. -->
+ <it>DIN Light,1509,-503,1509,-483,1997,483</it>
+ </value>
+ </prop>
<prop oor:name="PluginsEnabled" oor:type="xs:boolean" oor:nillable="false">
<!-- OldPath: ? -->
<!-- OldLocation: soffice.ini -->