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Consistently represent bullet char as OUString
(One difference is that for an XFListLevelBullet for which SetBulletChar has not been called, ToXml will use an empty string now instead of a string containing a single NUL character. But given that initializing m_chBullet to zero in the XFListLevelBullet ctor was only added recently with 72069675955aaf0b72a7842453347e3e7293f56d "coverity#738770: Unitialized scalar field," assume that ToXml is supposed to be only called after SetBulletChar has been called.) (cherry picked from commit 153ea761e32238d1dd882823cf27da1b11c4d66a) Change-Id: I7a5d7496b038cd094ab11ef8cbc1823ffc5bc130 (cherry picked from commit 735b9ebbef5ca9018c8eef5bbe8e0dab55775972)
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