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* Update helpcontent2 from branch 'master' to ee3befa87f442e39396cee768c73a07f9faf8632 - tdf#139667 update help in relation to Bullets and Numbering dialog ( shared/01/06050300.xhp ) * modify "outline style" to "outline format" * update to <h1>,<h2> ( shared/01/06050500.xhp ) "Customize" tab * modify "numbering style" to "numbering scheme" * modify "numbered" to "ordered" and "bulleted" to "unordered" * update to <h3> ( shared/01/06050400.xhp ) "Image" tab * "bulleted" -> "unordered" * update to <h1>,<h2> ( shared/01/06050600.xhp ) * "numbered" and "bulleted" to "unordered" and "ordered" ( swriter/01/06060000.xhp ) "Chapter Numbering" * modified description of dialog box to align with terminology used for other help pages and tooltips. * simplify tip (from 2007) about using Chapter Numbering dialog * modified <note> (from 2004) about Load/save, which is also embedded in shared/01/06050600.xhp and swriter/01/legacynumbering.xhp - remove "Save As" option about list styles and its description because this dialog does not have this functionality any more. - remove <note> about "View Shadings", which does not seem valid any more. * update to <h1>,<h3> ( shared/00/00040500.xhp ) * update to <menuitem> for Outline tab * correct command sequence to List Style deck for Outline tab * replace German id + add sys-switch for F11 (3 times) Change-Id: I204b66957f19654fc6d37fd8f79d8b1686810866 Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins Reviewed-by: Seth Chaiklin <>
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