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Bye bye ODMA
SUSE has no interest in it any longer, and I doubt anybody else has either.
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- <prop oor:name="TryODMADialog" oor:type="xs:boolean" oor:nillable="false">
- <info>
- <author>tml</author>
- <desc>Determines whether to show the document creation and selection
- of the machine's default ODMA (Open Document Management Architecture)
- DMS (Document Management System). If true, and the machine has a DMS
- available, the DMS's dialog will be displayed. That dialog then gives
- the opportunity to use the application's dialog instead, which means
- the normal system file and folder pickers will be displayed. Relevant
- only on Windows.</desc>
- </info>
- <value>false</value>
- </prop>
oor:name="DisableUICustomization" oor:type="xs:boolean"