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Simplified, type-safe C++ configuration access.
* New offapi entities to access the complete configuration read-only or read/write... * ...configmgr adapted to support those new services/singletons... * unotools/configuration.hxx is the type-safe C++ plumbing on top of that... * ...officecfg now generates C++ headers to access all the properties and sets given in the .xcs files... * ...and svl's asiancfg.cxx exemplarily makes use of the new officecfg/Office/Common.hxx to access the configuration. * There is still TODOs: For one, see those listed in officecfg/registry/cppheader.xsl. For another, at least a notification mechanism for the new read-only configuration access and the C++ wrapper is missing.
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$(eval $(call gb_Module_Module,officecfg))
$(eval $(call gb_Module_add_targets,officecfg,\
+ Package_cppheader \
Package_misc \
Package_tools \
Configuration_officecfg \