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Turn presenter screen from bundled extension to plain code
The immediate trigger was 5e5c11c664f67ff9fd1120905b09a32bea3b2f6c "fdo#42070 Fix RTL support in presenter console" causing build failures on Mac OS X when linking the extension against vcl, but there should be more benefits of going from a bundled-anyway extension to plain code. (Not the least to get rid of the hack.) To avoid unnecessary confusion between the newly plain code and any instance of the old extension still installed (per-user or shared), I renamed all relevant identifiers as follows: * UNO implementation -> org.libreoffice.comp.PresenterScreenJob * UNO implementation -> org.libreoffice.comp.PresenterScreenProtocolHandler * protocol handler schema -> * configuration schema /org.openoffice.Office.extension.PresenterScreen -> /org.openoffice.Office.PresenterScreen (it appears this contains little to no user-changeable data anyway, so not migrating it to a new user profile due to the schema name change should not be problematic) * job ID onDocumentOpenedJob -> org.libreoffice.PresenterScreen Even with these precautions, having the presenter screen installed both as plain code and as a (per-user or shared) extension still leads to a crash when activating presentation mode (likely due to how both codes want to take control of the screen). To mitigate this, existing installations of the extension are explicitly not migrated to new user profiles. The sdext/source/presenter/bitmaps/*.png files were moved to icon-themes/galaxy/sd/res/presenterscreen-*.png and are now accessed via SdResId (adding the relevant data to sd/source/ui/inc/res_bmp.hrc and sd/source/ui/app/res_bmp.src; not sure whether these locations are already ideal). The code itself has been left mostly unchanged in sdext/source/presenter/, and it still clumsily communicates with sd core code via XPresenterHelper. There is a lot of room for improvement here. The help data is left untouched at sdext/source/presenter/help/ and needs to be incorporated properly into helpcontent2 in a follow-up commit. The --disable-ext-presenter-console configure switch is gone. Change-Id: I71adb7ae6dcdbd1802151fce6e3871d8a2026332
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diff --git a/officecfg/ b/officecfg/
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--- a/officecfg/
+++ b/officecfg/
@@ -82,7 +82,9 @@ $(eval $(call gb_Configuration_add_spool_modules,registry,officecfg/registry/dat
org/openoffice/Office/Common-macosx.xcu \
org/openoffice/Office/Common-wnt.xcu \
org/openoffice/Office/Common-UseOOoFileDialogs.xcu \
+ org/openoffice/Office/Jobs-impress.xcu \
org/openoffice/Office/Linguistic-ForceDefaultLanguage.xcu \
+ org/openoffice/Office/ProtocolHandler-impress.xcu \
org/openoffice/Office/Scripting-python.xcu \
org/openoffice/Office/Common-cjk.xcu \
org/openoffice/Office/Common-ctl.xcu \
@@ -124,6 +126,7 @@ $(eval $(call gb_Configuration_add_localized_datas,registry,officecfg/registry/d
org/openoffice/Office/Common.xcu \
org/openoffice/Office/SFX.xcu \
org/openoffice/Office/DataAccess.xcu \
+ org/openoffice/Office/PresenterScreen.xcu \
org/openoffice/Office/TableWizard.xcu \
org/openoffice/Office/UI.xcu \
org/openoffice/Office/Embedding.xcu \