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Do not depend on (not-yet) delivered .xcs files in --stringparam schemaRoot
.xcs/.xcu files can reference other .xcs files via oor:component attributes, and the various xsltproc scripts called from solenv/gbuild/ try to load the referenced .xcs files, locating them via --stringparam schemaRoot arguments. These references among .xcs/.xcu files are not tracked via dependencies in the build system. When building the primary registry in module officecfg, schemaRoot must therefore not reference solver, as any referenced .xcs files need not yet be delivered. In the old dmake build system, this was solved by basing the schemaRoot argument on an ABSXCSROOT variable that was set differently in officecfg/util/makefile.pmk (pointing into officecfg/ itself) than in other modules (like in connectivity/makefile.pmk, pointing into solver/). Reproduced that hack in the new gbuild system now, too (which already had that hack partially implemented for .xcs files). Change-Id: Ib2300686c4de144f0b1e18d0e985e6fc7d9f64ae
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# the License at .
+# The name "registry" needs to match gb_Configuration_PRIMARY_REGISTRY_NAME in
+# solenv/gbuild/
$(eval $(call gb_Configuration_Configuration,registry))
$(eval $(call gb_Configuration_add_schemas,registry,officecfg/registry/schema,\