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tdf#90839: support for wrapped text in data labels and for centered data value
Now in a pie chart the text of a label can be wrapped, the wrapping is automatic and the maximum text width is fixed to almost half the pie radius. This feature is used to import correctly the relative text wrapping property provided by MSO. Moreover the data value and percent value of a label are now centered horizontally, respect with the label text. Conflicts: chart2/qa/extras/xshape/chart2xshape.cxx Change-Id: Ie10d6184365436f763cd9693a5bbefcfa9b3862b Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins <> Reviewed-by: Andras Timar <>
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diff --git a/offapi/type_reference/offapi.idl b/offapi/type_reference/offapi.idl
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--- a/offapi/type_reference/offapi.idl
+++ b/offapi/type_reference/offapi.idl
@@ -3136,6 +3136,7 @@ module com {
interface ::com::sun::star::beans::XPropertySet;
[property] long DataCaption;
[property, optional] string LabelSeparator;
+ [property, optional] boolean TextWordWrap;
[property, optional] long NumberFormat;
[property, optional] long PercentageNumberFormat;
[property, optional] long LabelPlacement;