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MM: export the SwDocShell mail merge via UNO
This saves the loading time for large document. Use it if you want to present the generated document to the user or write a mail merge unit tests. This includes: * renaming "only" to "shell" at multiple occurences * dropping the DBMGR_MERGE_SINGLE_FILE special type for the mail merge wizard in favour of an additional SwMergeDescriptor boolean * cleanup and renaming of the internal merge type enums, so these actually match the diffferent merge targets: printer, email, file and shell Change-Id: I33c6773972195193687ba9c3e12b562310d330c1
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diff --git a/offapi/type_reference/offapi.idl b/offapi/type_reference/offapi.idl
index fc5b7953095f..fb4b93bb3e3e 100644
--- a/offapi/type_reference/offapi.idl
+++ b/offapi/type_reference/offapi.idl
@@ -14535,6 +14535,7 @@ module com {
const short FILE = 2;
const short MAIL = 3;
const short PRINTER = 1;
+ const short SHELL = 4;
published service NumberingLevel {
[property] short Adjust;