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Tool to ease rdb file update to work on fdo#46808
Add a simple shell script to ease the regeneration of types.rdb. This is a bit tricky to do and error prone. I hope it will encourage people to work on fdo#46808. Signed-off-by: Stephan Bergmann <> with additional changes: * Moved offapi/ to offapi/type_reference/, to make clear that it is all about offapi/type_reference only. * Changed to take a list of idl files, so that a single instance of the script works for both offapi and udkapi. * Some more simplifications/clean up of * Removed the udkapi/ symlink (to avoid potential problems with symlinks checked into the git repo, like on Windows). * Undid accidental(?) changes to typelibrary_history.txt, added a note about Change-Id: Ic1923e2b2b3af64251019b619b33c728a05b4a14
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Example of updating an incompatibly-changed type (,
-in this example) in the accompanying types.rdb:
+in this example) in the accompanying types.rdb (see also
.../core> mkdir tmp
.../core> LD_LIBRARY_PATH=.../core/solver/unxlngx6/lib \