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sdk330: #i107695#: update reference type library
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to maybevoid and deprecate. They should be removed in a future version. The
implementation will never return them.
-25/02/09 (MST, JSC): TaskID=i96209
+02/25/09 (MST, JSC): TaskID=i96209
rename module css.text.FieldMaster to css.text.fieldmaster.
the implementation handles both variants.
-15/05/09 (MST, JSC): TaskID=i101965
+05/15/09 (MST, JSC): TaskID=i101965
fix read-only status of properties of css.text.TextPortion
+12/16/09 (JSC): TaskID=i107712, i107695
+ correct typo in Property
+ RedLineDataTime have to be RedlineDateTime.
+ Update reference type library with the version of OOo 3.2. The new
+ reference type library is taken from the release source tree OOO320 m10.