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diff --git a/offapi/com/sun/star/sdbc/XDatabaseMetaData.idl b/offapi/com/sun/star/sdbc/XDatabaseMetaData.idl
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--- a/offapi/com/sun/star/sdbc/XDatabaseMetaData.idl
+++ b/offapi/com/sun/star/sdbc/XDatabaseMetaData.idl
@@ -2201,7 +2201,7 @@ published interface XDatabaseMetaData: com::sun::star::uno::XInterface
number of unique values in the index.
- <b>PAGES</b> long => When TYPE is tableIndexStatisic then
+ <b>PAGES</b> long => When TYPE is tableIndexStatistic then
this is the number of pages used for the table, otherwise it
is the number of pages used for the current index.