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tdf#102630: [API CHANGE] Remove /org.openoffice.Office/Substitution tree
...from configuration (see issue for details). Also, remove mention of that configuration tree from the documentation of the css.util.PathSubstitution UNO service. Change-Id: Ia0373bc7d19e650b7954b7dbb934a578c96fcab5
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@@ -35,10 +35,7 @@ module com { module sun { module star { module util {
Path variables are not case sensitive and are always provided as a UCB-compliant URLs
(for example: "file:///c:/temp" or "file:///usr/install"). This is mandatory to support an
optional remote file system.<br>
- A user defined list of path variables is supported. This list is stored in the Office
- configuration file (org/openoffice/Office/Substitution.xml). Please have a look at the
- schema definition file which configuration structure this file uses.<br>
- There is also a set of variables that have pre-defined values:
+ There is a set of variables that have pre-defined values: