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provide the OpenGL window
This approach looks much better. We get size and position correct without much work and can easily plug the window into the sc window hierarchy. We still have a crash on exit as the ScGridWindow goes out of scope and the SystemChildWindow is still alive. We need to fix it and bind the lifecycle of the SystemChildWindow to ScGridWindow. Another open item is the OpenGL context work. Right now it looks like the best way forward is to create a subclass of SystemChildWindow that contains the OpenGLContext. Change-Id: Ie0a74531e1b818cea92912345464c8fa219bbae2
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@@ -2005,6 +2005,7 @@ $(eval $(call gb_UnoApi_add_idlfiles,offapi,com/sun/star/chart2,\
SymbolStyle \
TickmarkStyle \
TransparencyStyle \
+ X3DChartWindowProvider \
XAnyDescriptionAccess \
XAxis \
XChartDocument \