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authorStephan Bergmann <>2016-02-04 15:51:08 +0100
committerStephan Bergmann <>2016-02-04 15:56:57 +0100
commit532b47a650ce5189e1fb759201129d7d1f434133 (patch)
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parent2f90103948742f1e588d90d4bcb05f943192eb4f (diff)
[ABI CHANGE] In SDK, replace regcompare with unoidl-check the latter was the more flexible replacement for the former for LO- internal use already. The only gotcha to watch out for is that unoidl-check cannot be used to check "naked" .urd files, but only ones where the content has been moved to /UCR via regmerge. Leave registry/ around to verify that unoidl-check behaves the same as did regcompare on those old-format .urd/.rdb files. Change-Id: Ic13ede48535bf942126c810d88bac7e4081d984e
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diff --git a/odk/ b/odk/
index 59e4d603c77a..109a0c924cab 100644
--- a/odk/
+++ b/odk/
@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ odk_PLATFORM := $(if $(filter WNT,$(OS)),\
$(call gb_CustomTarget_get_workdir,odk/check)/checkbin : \
$(SRCDIR)/odk/util/ \
$(if $(DOXYGEN),$(call gb_GeneratedPackage_get_target,odk_doxygen)) \
- $(foreach exe,$(if $(filter WNT,$(OS)),climaker) cppumaker idlc javamaker regcompare $(if $(SYSTEM_UCPP),,ucpp) uno-skeletonmaker unoapploader,\
+ $(foreach exe,$(if $(filter WNT,$(OS)),climaker) cppumaker idlc javamaker $(if $(SYSTEM_UCPP),,ucpp) uno-skeletonmaker unoapploader unoidl-check,\
$(call gb_Executable_get_target,$(exe))) \
$(if $(filter WNT,$(OS)),$(call gb_Package_get_target,odk_cli)) \
$(call gb_Package_get_target,odk_config) \
diff --git a/odk/util/ b/odk/util/
index b8f10749ebc0..8dfbfcc6ba56 100644
--- a/odk/util/
+++ b/odk/util/
@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ if (-d "$SdkDir") {
print "check binaries: ";
if (check_dir("bin")) {
my @binarylist = ( "idlc","cppumaker","javamaker",
- "regcompare",
+ "unoidl-check",
"unoapploader", "uno-skeletonmaker" );
if ($ENV{SYSTEM_UCPP} eq "") {
push @binarylist,"ucpp";