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Install SDK cli/cli_cppuhelper.dll after all
Instead of removing it from odk/, c0c7df91469d3306baa6708b0a8ab4eadc0e9097 "odk: remove cli_cppuhelper from Package_cli" should have referenced it from solver's bin/assembly/, where it got moved by 8865b7f013bcd9b4ce41dd98be28ba28aeb22e66 "fdo#55290: use the right native library name." (And "It is actually installed by scp2/source/ooo/ure.scp" too, indeed, but that is a red herring and is true for all the SDK cli/cli_*.dll files. My take is that they are required twice, once in the GAC, which the scp2 settings are for, and once for SDK code to link against. Note e.g. the reference to cli_cppuhelper.dll in odk/examples/CLI/CSharp/Spreadsheet/Makefile, building which from within the SDK failed now without this fix.) Change-Id: Ia906a4dc23e1e232ddb3dfac49dd190d1de45917
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diff --git a/odk/ b/odk/
index 80ec1f931fdc..49274de55a55 100644
--- a/odk/
+++ b/odk/
@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@ $(eval $(call gb_Package_Package,odk_cli,$(OUTDIR)/bin))
$(eval $(call gb_Package_set_outdir,odk_cli,$(INSTDIR)))
$(eval $(call gb_Package_add_files,odk_cli,$(SDKDIRNAME)/cli,\
+ assembly/cli_cppuhelper.dll \
cli_basetypes.dll \
cli_oootypes.dll \
cli_ure.dll \