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authorMichael Stahl <>2013-09-18 15:03:50 +0200
committerMichael Stahl <>2013-09-22 11:08:31 +0200
commit70c35265f517ef372cb739d4cc64499abf57a838 (patch)
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gbuild: remove libraries from OUTDIR and WORKDIR
Refactor everything to find and link libraries directly in INSTDIR. - add gb_LinkTarget_get_linksearchpath_for_layer, and use it to set up -L paths for T_LDFLAGS in such a way that only allowed libraries can be linked against; i.e. it's not possible to link URE linktargets against OOO or not-installed libraries - gb_Library_get_target is now same as the gb_LinkTarget_get_target (TODO: this needs cleanup) - since a pattern rule won't work for linking libraries in INSTDIR, add a separate per-file rule for every INSTDIR lib - pattern rule can't find link target in the clean target any more so add a LINKTARGET variable - disable gb_Library_add_auxtarget, no auxtargets need to be copied - tweak the call to gb_Library_Library_platform to pass in a path in sdk/lib for the versioned URE libs - fix the Library clean target - add LAYER parameter to gb_LinkTarget_LinkTarget - adjust platform link commands - MSVC link command now uses explicit -manifestfile and -pdb parameters to keep misc. files out of INSTDIR - remove gb_Helper_OUTDIR_FOR_BUILDLIBDIR - adjust Extension, CppunitTest, JunitTest, PythonTest, Gallery, various CustomTargets to search INSTDIR - remove SDK library symlinks and import libs from odk/Package_lib - on Mac OS X, put .dylib symlinks into sdk/lib even though those are not packaged and would be created by the SDK configury; we need these to be somewhere for linking anyway - add a (unfortunately cyclic) dependency on Package ure_install to sal Change-Id: I70d88742f8c8232ad7b9521416275c67b64fe6cf
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diff --git a/odk/ b/odk/
index bd796beb7d55..d1dc1d6a2aab 100644
--- a/odk/
+++ b/odk/
@@ -12,27 +12,7 @@ $(eval $(call gb_Package_Package,odk_lib,$(OUTDIR)/lib))
$(eval $(call gb_Package_set_outdir,odk_lib,$(INSTDIR)))
$(eval $(call gb_Package_add_files,odk_lib,$(gb_Package_SDKDIRNAME)/lib,\
- $(if $(filter MSC,$(COM)),\
- $(foreach lib,\
- cppu \
- cppuhelper \
- purpenvhelper \
- sal \
- salhelper \
- ,$(call gb_Library_get_ilibfilename,$(lib)) \
- ) \
- ) \
$(if $(filter LINUX,$(OS)),$(notdir $(call gb_StaticLibrary_get_target,salcpprt))) \
-ifneq (,$(filter-out MACOSX WNT,$(OS)))
-define odk_add_sybolic_link
-$(call gb_Package_add_symbolic_link,odk_lib,$(gb_Package_SDKDIRNAME)/lib/$(basename $(1)),../../ure-link/lib/$(1))
-$(foreach lib,cppu cppuhelper purpenvhelper sal salhelper,\
-$(eval $(call odk_add_sybolic_link,$(call gb_Library_get_runtime_filename,$(lib)))))
# vim: set noet sw=4 ts=4: