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unodevtools: drop support for skeletonmaker --java4 parameter
Minimum requirement has been Java 1.5 for years now. Change-Id: Id512507db1fc12c92d8f7662505eda6866da2fc6
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@@ -714,9 +714,8 @@ types the specified types depend on.</p>
<td class="cell85">list all interface methods, not only the direct ones</td>
- <td class="cell15"><code>--(java4|java5|cpp)</code></td>
+ <td class="cell15"><code>--(java5|cpp)</code></td>
<td class="cell85">select the target language<br/>
- --java4 generate output for Java 1.4 or earlier<br/>
--java5 generate output for Java 1.5 or later (is currently the default)<br/>
--cpp generate output for C++</td>