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Not being able to honor a "prefix" is a rather hard error
It happens when an extension has just been live-deployed into the running soffice process and then trying to instantiate out-of-process in an additional uno process one of that extension's shared library components and that component ---erroneously---uses the "prefix" feature. (Which can be reproduced with the mysql-connector-ooo.oxt extension, --enable-ext-mariadb-connector: "rm -rf instdir/*/share/extensions/mysql-connector-ooo", "instdir/*/program/soffice workdir/*/Extension/mysql-connector.oxt", install the per-user, then "File - New - Database - Connect to an existing database: MySQL - Next >> - Connect directly - Next >> - Database name: foo - Server / Port - Server: bar - Next >> - Test Connection", crash.) Change-Id: Ibab2ad31199eec5dc26ffa337a5e3e7490f782d7
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