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update to 20120106 release of Linux Libertine G fonts
- proper hinting for digital publishing by new ttfautohint of Freetype instead of Fontforge autoInstr - fix LibreOffice crash with dotted tabulation (conflict between dot-to-ellipsis mechanisms), problem reported by user "bolond" on, and István Bobay on - fix proportional old style numbers leading with Euro symbol, problem with the first digit reported by Kim Bastin - fix Linux Libertine G semibold Italic (missing Graphite features) - sups uses hyphen.sups replacement for hyphen instead of minus.superior (use explicit minus sign or feature texm: texm keeps minus.superior for hyphen input, like TeX) - new feature: "litt", optional switch for the default "tt" ligature - fix f] and f' (typographic apostrophe) kerning in Linux Libertine Italic - remove bad ligc replacement in superiors and inferiors
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