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New release of Linux Libertine G fonts
ChangeLog 2011-01-01: - fix for Acrobat Reader (bad layout with non-canonical glyph of cursive ligature ffj), the bug was reported by bolond from 2010-12-29: - NEWS.pdf, doc/NEWS.odt - feature cpsp: capital spacing - feature sa01..sa99: single items of feature salt, suggested by Kim Bastin. - extended uppercase feature (caps=2): - default feature "case" (normalized parenthesis and digits) - default feature "cpsp" (capital kerning) - new cursive glyph "gj" as default ligature - new cursive glyph "gy" as default ligature in Hungarian texts - modified and extended feature dlig: - cursive ligature ch, ck, tz are default only in German - added ligated ligature ij for Dutch, also handling a few exceptions (bijoux, bijectie) - fix for Linux Libertin G Italic: - ch and ck are default ligatures only for German - Fixes for Dutch: - Casing of letter IJ - Limited ligature fi for words containing "fij", with short f usage for prettier layout - default J.alt in Italics - Caps fix for Qu - short f for fi, ffi, fj, ffj, when liga=0 - kerning fixes: - guillemets, bad kerning with feature fbsp reported by Joachim Köstler - cursive ffj - proportional old figures after slash Signed-off-by: Kalman Szalai - KAMI <>
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