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authorRĂ¼diger Timm <>2008-06-13 13:24:09 +0000
committerRĂ¼diger Timm <>2008-06-13 13:24:09 +0000
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INTEGRATION: CWS hunspellexternal (1.15.8); FILE MERGED
2008/04/22 13:25:38 rene #i10000# typo 2008/04/22 06:39:44 rene #i87604#, #i10000# fix the build with both internal and system hunspell 2007/10/08 11:09:33 rene add HUNSPELL BUILD_TYPE, make dictmgr.hxx used from hunspell, remove HUNSPELLIB from solenv/inc/ 2007/10/04 11:05:08 rene RESYNC: (1.15-1.16); FILE MERGED 2007/10/04 10:44:54 rene remove files which are supposed to used from the hunspell tarball
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diff --git a/lingucomponent/prj/build.lst b/lingucomponent/prj/build.lst
index 2b3c4a8ad148..4054a7119b9b 100644
--- a/lingucomponent/prj/build.lst
+++ b/lingucomponent/prj/build.lst
@@ -1,11 +1,10 @@
-lc lingucomponent : linguistic libtextcat svtools hyphen NULL
+lc lingucomponent : linguistic libtextcat svtools hyphen HUNSPELL:hunspell NULL
lc lingucomponent usr1 - all lc_mkout NULL
lc lingucomponent\inc nmake - all lc_inc NULL
lc lingucomponent\source\lingutil nmake - all lc_util lc_inc NULL
lc lingucomponent\source\thesaurus\mythes nmake - all lc_mythes lc_util lc_inc NULL
lc lingucomponent\source\thesaurus\libnth nmake - all lc_libnth lc_mythes lc_util lc_inc NULL
-lc lingucomponent\source\spellcheck\hunspell nmake - all lc_hunspell lc_util lc_inc NULL
-lc lingucomponent\source\spellcheck\spell nmake - all lc_libspell lc_hunspell lc_inc NULL
+lc lingucomponent\source\spellcheck\spell nmake - all lc_libspell lc_inc NULL
lc lingucomponent\source\hyphenator\altlinuxhyph\hyphen nmake - all lc_libhyphen lc_inc NULL
lc lingucomponent\source\languageguessing nmake - all lc_languageguessing lc_inc NULL
lc lingucomponent\source\spellcheck\macosxspell nmake - all lc_libmacosxspell lc_inc NULL