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+MyThes is a simple thesaurus that uses a structured
+text data file and an index file with binary search
+to lookup words and phrases and return information
+on part of speech, meanings, and synonyms
+MyThes was written to provide a thesaurus for the project
+The Main features of MyThes are:
+1. written in C++ to make it easier to interface with
+ Pspell, OpenOffice, AbiWord, etc
+2. it is stateless, uses no static variables and
+ should be completely reentrant with no ifdefs
+3. it compiles with -ansi and -pedantic and -Wall
+ with no warnings so it should be quite portable
+4. it uses a perl program to read the structured
+ text file and create the index needed for bianry
+ searching (see dictionaries/en_US/
+5. it is very simple with *lots* of comments.
+ The main "smarts" are in the structure of the
+ text file that makes up the thesaurus data
+6. It comes with a ready-to-go structured thesaurus
+ data file for en_US extracted from the WordNet-2.0 data.
+ (see dictioanries/en_US/th_en_US_new.dat)
+ Please see WordNet_license.txt and WordNet_readme.txt
+ for more information on the very useful project!
+ (found in dictionaries/en_US/)
+7. The source code has a BSD license (and no advertising clause)
+MyThes has the world's simplest Makefile and no
+configure support. It does come with a simple example
+program that looks up some words and returns meanings
+and synonyms.
+To build it simply do the following:
+cd mythes
+To run the example program:
+./example th_en_US_new.idx th_en_US_new.dat checkme.lst
+Please play around with it and let me know
+what you think.
+Kevin Hendricks