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add some configure options to control external libtextcat and libtextcat data
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diff --git a/lingucomponent/prj/build.lst b/lingucomponent/prj/build.lst
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--- a/lingucomponent/prj/build.lst
+++ b/lingucomponent/prj/build.lst
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-lc lingucomponent : linguistic libtextcat svl HYPHEN:hyphen HUNSPELL:hunspell MYTHES:mythes NULL
+lc lingucomponent : linguistic LIBTEXTCAT:libtextcat LIBTEXTCATDATA:libtextcat svl HYPHEN:hyphen HUNSPELL:hunspell MYTHES:mythes NULL
lc lingucomponent usr1 - all lc_mkout NULL
lc lingucomponent\inc nmake - all lc_inc NULL
lc lingucomponent\source\lingutil nmake - all lc_util lc_inc NULL