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Don't export a variable called PATH_SEPARATOR
It used to be mis-spelled PATH_SEPERATOR. Now, after correcting the spelling, it breaks the build of 3rd-party libraries using autoconfigury on Windows. The value of PATH_SEPARATOR is ";" on Windows, and the configure scripts of those libs run in Cygwin and assume that a PATH_SEPARATOR environment variable should be correct for Cygwin. Which ";" isn't. Rename the variable to LIBO_PATH_SEPARATOR. Change-Id: Iff0eb93bf11d9f844a28be7ea4456e4c0ae10844
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diff --git a/jurt/workbench/com/sun/star/comp/urlresolver/ b/jurt/workbench/com/sun/star/comp/urlresolver/
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--- a/jurt/workbench/com/sun/star/comp/urlresolver/
+++ b/jurt/workbench/com/sun/star/comp/urlresolver/
@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ JARFILES := ridl.jar juh.jar
.IF "$(XCLASSPATH)" == ""
CLASSDIR !:= $(CLASSDIR)$/workbench