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LO_LIB_DIR is used in nsscrypto_initialize() so must give it a value
Its actual value is irrelevant in the nsscrypto_initialize() case for iOS, though, as it is used to form a pathname to a hypothetical libnssckbi.dylib (which does not exist for iOS, as we build NSS statically), and we patch the NSS code to recognize the nssckbi name specially in the static build case... Such elegance. Change-Id: Ib5015a18e86cc604f80433a676faa10ac76e04ab
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diff --git a/ios/ b/ios/
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--- a/ios/
+++ b/ios/
@@ -91,6 +91,7 @@ TiledLibreOffice_setup:
# Do we really need all these?
file=$(TiledLibreOffice_resource)/fundamentalrc; \
echo '[Bootstrap]' > $$file; \
+ echo 'LO_LIB_DIR=file://$$APP_DATA_DIR/lib/' >> $$file; \
echo 'BRAND_BASE_DIR=file://$$APP_DATA_DIR' >> $$file; \
echo 'CONFIGURATION_LAYERS=xcsxcu:$${BRAND_BASE_DIR}/share/registry res:$${BRAND_BASE_DIR}/registry' >> $$file;