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bnc#816603, fdo#61594 SwWW8ImplReader::StartApo: don't always start a frame
Word supports floating tables, Writer does not. We can map floating tables to fly frames, containing just a table, but then those can't span over multiple pages. We could avoid creating frames in case the table is of multiple pages, but that's hard to determine. One easy case is when the table width is >= the text area with, in that case we can be sure that no wrapping would be performed anyway, so we can avoid putting the table to a frame. Two more related problems: 1) When we need to decide if a frame should be created or not, we typically don't know yet the table width. That's why TestApo() has to always succeed (in case the paragraphs are wrapped), and then we always enter StartApo(), where we can avoid creating the frame, if necessary. 2) Even if we decide that we don't create a frame, floating and non-floating table rows are different, so a separate table should be created for such rows. By doing all the StartApo() / StopApo(), we are safe here. (cherry picked from commit c2cf03e02b1c942645aea6988112028e13dd0c89) Change-Id: Ifc0e0e2f7320c3784698d0ff278031b46864e2e5
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