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remove SelfReg table from MSI
We did not use it, and it is not recommended to use it. See: Installation package authors are strongly advised against using self registration. Change-Id: I1dc9a5b66646c63d2ee9a672f045595e6bbb2f42
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@@ -387,8 +387,6 @@ ReserveCost ReserveFolder Y Identifier Name of a property whose value is as
ReserveCost ReserveKey N Identifier Primary key that uniquely identifies a particular ReserveCost record
ReserveCost ReserveLocal N 0 2147483647 Disk space to reserve if linked component is installed locally.
ReserveCost ReserveSource N 0 2147483647 Disk space to reserve if linked component is installed to run from the source location.
-SelfReg Cost Y 0 32767 The cost of registering the module.
-SelfReg File_ N File 1 Identifier Foreign key into the File table denoting the module that needs to be registered.
ServiceControl Arguments Y Formatted Arguments for the service. Separate by [~].
ServiceControl Component_ N Component 1 Identifier Required foreign key into the Component Table that controls the startup of the service
ServiceControl Event N 0 187 Bit field: Install: 0x1 = Start, 0x2 = Stop, 0x8 = Delete, Uninstall: 0x10 = Start, 0x20 = Stop, 0x80 = Delete