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Clarify the WIP-ness of setMobilePhone() and setTablet() a bit
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diff --git a/include/comphelper/lok.hxx b/include/comphelper/lok.hxx
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--- a/include/comphelper/lok.hxx
+++ b/include/comphelper/lok.hxx
@@ -29,6 +29,11 @@ namespace LibreOfficeKit
COMPHELPER_DLLPUBLIC void setActive(bool bActive = true);
+// Note that currently it is undefined behaviour to call both setMobilePhone() and setTablet(). This
+// will be remedied in the future. For now, just make sure you call just either for a view, and just
+// once, with the bool parameter as true. In the future, this will probably be changed into using an
+// enum for the kind of the view, that can be DESKTOP, MOBILEPHONE, or TABLET.
// Tell that LOK view is on a mobile phone (regardless what its pixel resolution is, whether its form factor is "phablet" or not)
COMPHELPER_DLLPUBLIC void setMobilePhone(int nViewId, bool bIsMobilePhone);