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LOK: tile rendering regression fix
Calc fast rendering requires us to offset the are being rendered and shift all bitmaps accordingly. This however is breaking Impress rendering since the offseting logic is common (in svx and vcl). This adds new API to enable or disable this local rendering (as opposed to rendering a full document as was previously done. The new flag is then set by Calc to enable the offseting logic in isolation without affecting other applications. In one case isolation was achieved by checking the MapModeUnit. Change-Id: Ia0aadfc3f6df7c1a891b97dc731f5897414c9420 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Ashod Nakashian <> Tested-by: Ashod Nakashian <>
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diff --git a/include/comphelper/lok.hxx b/include/comphelper/lok.hxx
index 2cc38c60e455..8afd3d82a77d 100644
--- a/include/comphelper/lok.hxx
+++ b/include/comphelper/lok.hxx
@@ -36,6 +36,13 @@ COMPHELPER_DLLPUBLIC void setStatusIndicatorCallback(void (*callback)(void *data
// Check whether the code is running as invoked through LibreOfficeKit.
+/// Shift the coordinates before rendering each bitmap.
+/// Used by Calc to render each tile separately.
+/// This should be unnecessary (and removed) once Calc
+/// moves to using 100MM Unit.
+COMPHELPER_DLLPUBLIC void setLocalRendering(bool bLocalRendering = true);
+COMPHELPER_DLLPUBLIC bool isLocalRendering();
/// Check whether clients register a callback for each view.
COMPHELPER_DLLPUBLIC bool isViewCallback();
/// Set whether clients register a callback for each view.