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Combine fairly pointlessly split source code for SbiRuntime into one file
Insert basic/source/runtime/step[012].cxx into basic/source/runtime/runtime.cxx. Follow-up to . In many cases the sources for some class have been split up into several source files, typically suffixed with a number 0, 1, 2 etc. Presumably this has been done because some compiler years ago was not capable of compiling all the source for that class at one time, or some other no longer relevant reason. It would be nice to get rid of this convention, so that clever compilers have a better chance of noticing unused private fields in a class, for instance. Just combining the source files in question into one source file and removing the old source files from git leads to a discontinuity in version control history. But the consensus seems to be that this is not such a big deal. I picked these sources just because they happened to be the first ones I came across when looking for files called *0.cxx. Change-Id: Ia7e8ece9a4374721bbcce6b0e2aba5721436faae
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