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cross-toolset: fix real cross help buildingHEADmaster
Regression from commit 14069d84174ca7a4e60db4d75912903e9679b643 ("configure: Improve help-options handling"). We now must forward the help and extension configure options, as this is needed by the cross toolset to know, if it needs to build the HelpIndexer and HelpLinker executables. Also get rid of gb_Helper_optional_for_host. While it's in theory more correct, it makes gb_Helper_optional more complex, so we now rely on the fact, that the BUILD_TYPE is a subset of the BUILD_TYPE. This should fix the Windows Arm64 build, which currently seem to be the only cross-build including help. Change-Id: I8b90923c891b43cd2655b2578015c9bd579aae7d Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins Reviewed-by: Jan-Marek Glogowski <>
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