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Typo: (N|n)ormaly->(N|n)ormally
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diff --git a/framework/inc/dispatch/closedispatcher.hxx b/framework/inc/dispatch/closedispatcher.hxx
index db5f7c3c6dfe..dfbf6bf6eca2 100644
--- a/framework/inc/dispatch/closedispatcher.hxx
+++ b/framework/inc/dispatch/closedispatcher.hxx
@@ -255,7 +255,7 @@ class CloseDispatcher : public ::cppu::WeakImplHelper2<
has to be closed itself (target=_self) ... sometimes its parent frame
has to be closed - BUT(!) it means a parent frame containing a top level
window. _top can't be used then for dispatch - because it address TopFrames
- not frames containg top level windows. So normaly _magic (which btw does not
+ not frames containg top level windows. So normally _magic (which btw does not
exists at the moment .-) ) should be used. So we interpret target=<empty>
as _magic !
diff --git a/framework/inc/dispatch/interceptionhelper.hxx b/framework/inc/dispatch/interceptionhelper.hxx
index c338394e5942..e032017d280c 100644
--- a/framework/inc/dispatch/interceptionhelper.hxx
+++ b/framework/inc/dispatch/interceptionhelper.hxx
@@ -256,7 +256,7 @@ class InterceptionHelper : public ::cppu::WeakImplHelper3<
/** @short Is called from our owner frame, in case he will be disposed.
@descr We have to relaease all references to him then.
- Normaly we will die by ref count too ...
+ Normally we will die by ref count too ...
virtual void SAL_CALL disposing(const css::lang::EventObject& aEvent)
throw(css::uno::RuntimeException, std::exception) SAL_OVERRIDE;