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outter -> outer (also when "outter" is inside another word)
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diff --git a/forms/source/richtext/richtextimplcontrol.hxx b/forms/source/richtext/richtextimplcontrol.hxx
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--- a/forms/source/richtext/richtextimplcontrol.hxx
+++ b/forms/source/richtext/richtextimplcontrol.hxx
@@ -104,7 +104,7 @@ namespace frm
There are some attributes which are script dependent, e.g. the CharPosture. This means
that in real, there are 3 attributes for this, one for every possible script type (latin,
asian, complex). However, to the out world, we behave as if there is only one attribute:
- E.g., if the outter world asks for the state of the "CharPosture" attribute, we return
+ E.g., if the outer world asks for the state of the "CharPosture" attribute, we return
the state of either CharPostureLatin, CharPostureAsian, or CharPostureComplex, depending
on the script type of the current selection. (In real, it may be more complex since
the current selection may contain more than one script type.)