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Avoid loplugin:salcall
> In file included from jurt/source/pipe/staticsalhack.cxx:39: > sal/osl/unx/module.cxx:212:6: error: SAL_CALL unnecessary here [loplugin:salcall] > void SAL_CALL osl_unloadModule(oslModule hModule) > ~~~~~^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ in an ASan+UBSan build with --enable-compiler-plugins, after b5b1eae538a902fed165d5dd93ad6ddda3c5cb70 "Add HAVE_(UNIX_)DLAPI config header define". DISABLE_DYNLOADING was defined there ever since ddc7bb629ade15b3341f2e3c347652c7b8925037 "Poor hack for under Clang -fsanitize=*" but doesn't appear to be necessary. (Alternatively, loplugin:salcall could be taught not to warn if the function definition involves any #if'ery.) Change-Id: I5786979eb944d59f969c9875d77b03f9b2432161 Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins Reviewed-by: Stephan Bergmann <>
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