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committerStephan Bergmann <>2018-04-17 07:47:45 +0200
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external/firebird: Better workaround for Clang alignment expectations
8ea07101c1613d213fd7cea17f094a947b14cd00 "external/firebird: Work around operator new alignment violations" had misused DEBUG_GDS_ALLOC to work around the problem that recent Clang on Linux x86-64 assumes some storage allocated via Firebird's global operator new replacement to be 16-byte aligned, while Firebird only provides 8-byte alignment. This problem now also appears on macOS x86-64, at least with Apple's Clang version "Apple LLVM version 9.1.0 (clang-902.0.39.1)" from Xcode 9.3 (as well as with recent plain Clang trunk, towards Clang 7), when building --enable- optimized. However, while the DEBUG_GDS_ALLOC hack would still cause ICU_convert_init (workdir/UnpackedTarball/firebird/temp/Release/intl/cv_icu.o) to not use movaps on erroneously assumed to be 16-byte aligned memory, it would cause strange failures on macOS (pos being out of bounds in traRpbList::PopRpb, workdir/UnpackedTarball/firebird/src/jrd/rpb_chain.cpp, in the invocation of isql during the build of external/firebird) that I haven't tracked down further. As it happens, the recently added 14955ed91b282ccbb395cb47c6d76e3b42b34748 "external/firebird: Support Clang ASan" provides a different workaround for the underlying problem that appears to work well on both Linux and macOS x86-64, reusing USE_ASAN also in these cases to shut down most of Firebird's own memory management. I assume that affected Clang are plain Clang >= 4 (as I'd mentioned in my <> "Re: [Firebird- devel] alloc.h global operator new replacement violating alignment requirements") and Apple Clang >= 9 (for which __apple_build_version__ is defined). Because DEBUG_GDS_ALLOC is no longer passed in from the outside, its setting in external/firebird/asan.patch can be simplified (cf. commit message of 14955ed91b282ccbb395cb47c6d76e3b42b34748). (The given scenario in ICU_convert_init involves an allocation of 24 bytes, where Clang may or may not be allowed to assume 16-byte alignment, see <> "Re: [cfe-dev] operator new alignment assumptions". However, as reported at <> "Re: [Firebird- devel] alloc.h global operator new replacement violating alignment requirements", Firebird only supports 8-byte alignment, which would definitely be wrong in a similar scenario where the requested allocation was a multiple of 16 bytes.) Change-Id: I48884f9d008eaeaea369850e24f05b8806f9b676 Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins <> Reviewed-by: Stephan Bergmann <>
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diff --git a/external/firebird/ b/external/firebird/
index 5ca8c0b01418..d370df0d83ae 100644
--- a/external/firebird/
+++ b/external/firebird/
@@ -58,8 +58,6 @@ $(call gb_ExternalProject_get_state_target,firebird,build):
" \
&& export CXXFLAGS=" \
- $(if $(filter LINUX/X86_64/TRUE,$(OS)/$(CPUNAME)/$(COM_IS_CLANG)), \
$(if $(HAVE_GCC_FNO_SIZED_DEALLOCATION),-fno-sized-deallocation -fno-delete-null-pointer-checks) \
diff --git a/external/firebird/asan.patch b/external/firebird/asan.patch
index 4c40f52bfc87..b6ecec8f4caf 100644
--- a/external/firebird/asan.patch
+++ b/external/firebird/asan.patch
@@ -204,7 +204,7 @@
--- src/include/firebird.h
+++ src/include/firebird.h
-@@ -38,10 +38,19 @@
+@@ -38,8 +38,17 @@
#include "gen/autoconfig.h"
@@ -213,17 +213,16 @@
+#define USE_ASAN
++#if defined __clang__ && (defined __apple_build_version__ ? __clang_major__ >= 9 : __clang_major__ >= 4)
++#define USE_ASAN
// Using our debugging code is pointless when we may use Valgrind features
- #if defined(DEV_BUILD) && !defined(USE_VALGRIND)
+-#if defined(DEV_BUILD) && !defined(USE_VALGRIND)
++#if defined(DEV_BUILD) && !(defined(USE_VALGRIND) || defined(USE_ASAN))
-+#if defined USE_ASAN
- #if defined(WIN_NT)
- #define FB_DLL_EXPORT __declspec(dllexport)
--- src/jrd/SimilarToMatcher.h
+++ src/jrd/SimilarToMatcher.h
@@ -338,7 +338,7 @@