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sd lok draw text: make sure watching views have no cursors
These additional views are only created to follow the updates done in the editing view, not to contribute additional cursors. With this, if the first view edits a shape text and the second view is created, then no unwanted text view cursor is created in the first view for the shape text from the second view. Be precise in the unit test and make sure that cursors from all views are hidden, because even without a fix the cursor of view #2 is hidden, but not from view #3, so the test wouldn't fail without the fix. (But hardcoding the 0-1 and 2-3 view IDs exposed by Impress before/after initializeForRendering() would be ugly.) Change-Id: Idf64f7bfcc35c98a5eada9a0a523a9b45b65a211 (cherry picked from commit eefccb4a103729e73ba7dcb512c615bc161d7b2b)
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