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vcl: refactor ErrorHandler functions
Current, HandleError_Impl is called on by GetErrorString, and HandleError_Impl also creates the error string. However, when you look at what each function does, HandleError_Impl has been imbued with some extraneous parameters: 1. bJustCreateString, and 2. rError bJustCreateString is unnecessary, in fact it just mutates HandleError to create the string, which is not really the core purpose of this function. In fact, the string should be created when we get the string from the error ID (GetErrorString), and in fact the error handler function should call on GetErrorString and not the other way around! This has the happy side effect of vastly simplifying this code, and allows each of the functions only do the thing they are meant to do, and we no longer need these extraneous parameters which just cause problems for code readibility. On to of this, by simplifying the HandleError_Impl function, we just move the code into the public HandleError function because these parameters aren't necessary any more. Change-Id: I4a727b5bbc6d3cdb0519f49b48dc52f8a8976629 Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins <> Reviewed-by: Chris Sherlock <>
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