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authorOliver Bolte <>2008-07-22 16:16:04 +0000
committerOliver Bolte <>2008-07-22 16:16:04 +0000
commit634c6a50458a48623ef504b6cde44ec71dde5998 (patch)
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INTEGRATION: CWS os2port03 (1.42.54); FILE MERGED
2008/01/14 16:28:46 ydario build plugin only for unix and windows Issue number:i85203 Submitted by:ydario
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diff --git a/extensions/prj/build.lst b/extensions/prj/build.lst
index 6a688e1668b9..619952cec984 100644
--- a/extensions/prj/build.lst
+++ b/extensions/prj/build.lst
@@ -26,7 +26,8 @@ ex extensions\source\logging nmake - all ex_logging ex_in
ex extensions\source\oooimprovecore nmake - all ex_oooimprovecore ex_inc NULL
ex extensions\source\preload nmake - all ex_preload ex_inc NULL
ex extensions\source\config\ldap nmake - all ex_ldap ex_inc NULL
-ex extensions\source\nsplugin\source nmake - all ex_nsplugin ex_inc NULL
+ex extensions\source\nsplugin\source nmake - u ex_nsplugin ex_inc NULL
+ex extensions\source\nsplugin\source nmake - w ex_nsplugin ex_inc NULL
ex extensions\source\update\feed nmake - all ex_updchkfeed ex_inc NULL
ex extensions\source\update\check nmake - all ex_updchk ex_inc NULL
ex extensions\source\update\ui nmake - all ex_updchkui ex_inc NULL