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authorVladimir Glazounov <>2005-02-21 14:26:26 +0000
committerVladimir Glazounov <>2005-02-21 14:26:26 +0000
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INTEGRATION: CWS moresystemstuff (1.26.104); FILE MERGED
2005/02/16 13:22:59 rene #i42902# patch to conditionalize putting libstdc++/libgcc_s into the installset #i42911# patch to use system sane and system xrender headers
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diff --git a/extensions/prj/build.lst b/extensions/prj/build.lst
index 7466aa8434fb..93bcbc4c7a1a 100644
--- a/extensions/prj/build.lst
+++ b/extensions/prj/build.lst
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-ex extensions : rdbmaker svx sane twain offuh np_sdk stoc uui NULL
+ex extensions : rdbmaker svx SANE:sane twain offuh np_sdk stoc uui NULL
ex extensions usr1 - all ex_mkout NULL
ex extensions\inc get - all ex_inc NULL
ex extensions\inc\ucbhelper get - all ex_incucbh NULL